Suceava New Jewish Cemetery – by Christian Herrmann

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Many thanks to Christian Herrmann who is researching, traveling, photographing and providing very valuable information about many Jewish Heritage Sites in Bukovina, Transnistria and Bessarabia.

Suceava (Romanian pronunciation: [suˈt͡ʃe̯ava]) is the largest city and the seat of Suceava County, in the Bukovina region, in north-eastern Romania. The city was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia from 1388 to 1565.

Here are pictures provided by Christian – who visited the Jewish Cemetery in June 2015.
Suceava_new-cemetery_SAM6395    Suceava_new-cemetery_SAM6447

Suceava_new-cemetery_SAM6460    Suceava_new-cemetery_SAM6480