Bukovina Jewish Heritage Sites

This website is about Jewish heritage sites in Bukovina, Transnistria (in Ukraine) and several sites in Bessarabia (now in the Republic of Moldova) on the deportation route of Bukovina Jews from Bukovina to Transnistria. It includes synagogues, cemeteries and Holocaust related places - concentration camps, ghettos, mass graves and memorials.

Our website consolidates information from many sources. It is only with the support of our volunteers that we could gather this information and present it.
We would like to thank all those that supported and provided us the information and links and welcome more volunteers to carry out site surveys to further update our database and make it available to all. Special thanks to the members of the World Organization of Bukovina Jews Project Committee for the location, documentation restoration and preservation of the heritage of Bukovina Jews.
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Yahad - In Unum combines the Hebrew word – Yahad meaning "together," with the Latin phrase In Unum, meaning "in one". Founded in 2004 by Father Patrick Desbois, the organization is dedicated to systematically identifying and documenting the sites of Jewish mass executions by Nazi mobile-killing units in Eastern Europe during World War II. The objective of this work is to substantiate the "Holocaust by Bullets," provide evidence, give proper respect to the victims' burial places and disseminate the universal lessons about genocide and mass killings.
For more information, please visit http://www.yahadinunum.org.
Please visit also Yahad - In Unum's Interactive Map that indicates the mass execution sites located by Yahad teams at which the Nazis and their allies murdered Jews in towns and villages throughout Eastern Europe. Each site includes a link to a brief profile and research findings for each location – see the dynamic map at http://yahadmap.org/#map/
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